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Pete Haas

Conversation Designer & Developer



I started working at Experian after college. In 2005 I joined a Chicago-based IVR company called Verascape running their application development team and researching new technoligies that we could leverage with voice. It was there that I cut my teeth on voice experience design and development.

With the explosion of smart speakers, and natural language voice assistants like Siri...voice has finally become pervasive.

I'm so passionate about the promise of voice, that I've recently been developing voice skills for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Connect with me if you'd like to talk about voice, or visit my freelance voice agency Conversation Curve where I'm developing skills and actions for voice

My Skills

I'm an experienced developer & marketer

Voice Development

Developing for voice since 2005

Voice Design

User experience design

Messenger Development

I've created many Facebook Messenger apps

Voice Strategy

Not sure how to take advantage of voice? Let's talk

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